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Beginner Bites Mealtime Kit - Boho Leaves

Beginner Bites Mealtime Kit - Boho Leaves

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Looking for Insta-worthy feeding gear? This is the Mealtime Kit for you! The Beginner Bites Mealtime Kit is here for you as your baby prepares for first foods, explores new tastes, experiences more advanced textures and learns to self-feed. It’s messy, but oh so rewarding and entertaining.

You’ll have what you need to encourage feeding and drinking skills with a little less mess and more confidence. And of course, you’ll be all set to take adorable photos of your new eater. 

This Mealtime Kit includes: 

  • Easy to clean and super comfortable Bib-apron for messy mealtime moments by BapronBaby (6M-3T)
  • Smart, modern and eco-friendly Bamboo Suction Baby Plate and Spoon by Avanchy
  • Tiny Spoons in pewter for dipping and scooping by EZPZ
  • The "I can't believe my baby can drink from an open cup" Tiny Cup in pewter by EZPZ
  • Indestructibles: Baby, Let's Eat, a diaper bag approved and 100% washable book
  • Beginner Bites Guide to calmer, more fun mealtimes by the Registered Dietitian, Food Allergy Mom and Creator of Wild Little Berry
    • What feeding milestones to except 
    • How to build a meal for baby 
    • Meal suggestions including ways to introduce common food allergens 
    • How to nurture self-feeding skills 

+ A nourishing MEAL FOR A CHILD IN NEED IS DONATED through our giving partners, Feed My Starving Children 

+ FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED in all Contiguous United States orders

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