Calmer, More Fun Mealtimes from the Start

(with feeding essentials that make it easier)

Registered Dietitian, Food Allergy Mom & Creator, Wild Little Berry with her two children

Whether you’re a first time parent feeling overwhelmed at the thought of starting solids with your little one, a mom of three looking for safe, hand-me-downable feeding gear or the best gift-giver ever, welcome and I’m so glad you are here! 

Wild Little Berry was created to help make milestones - like first foods, self-feeding and family meals - calmer, slightly less messy and more fun!

My hope is that when you open your beautifully packaged gift with handpicked mealtime gear and mom-approved guidance, it feels like a treat - a mini mental vacation from the endless searching and too many choices.

It started with an allergic reaction

My baby had an allergic reaction to eggs at 6.5 months. I went from a proud mealtime mama to agonizing over what to feed my son. Even though feeding babies was my thing, I felt stuck.

Meanwhile, he was happily squishing sweet potatoes through his fingers. And I was inches from his face inspecting any changes to skin or behavior suggesting another reaction.

Yeah, the anxiety I brought to the table wasn’t exactly “creating a positive mealtime environment.”

So, I took many deep breaths. Switched the focus to enjoying mealtimes with my little one. And we adventurously tried and learned to like new flavorful foods including all other common allergens.

It was in those moments that Wild Little Berry was born.

As a registered dietitian and food allergy mom, I’m committed to helping you find joy in the messy moments of nourishing your little one. Or at least make it a bit easier.

When it comes to feeding your baby, worry about doing the next right thing can easily get in the way of what matters most. . . connecting with the heart-melting miracle squinting back at you with a toothless grin.

And you do not want to miss your little one’s first “best thing I ever ate” food dance. 

The full-body wiggle. The smile. Pure joy!

Before Baby's First Foods, a free guide to a calmer, more fun start to solids

Your Guide to a Calmer, More Fun Start to Solids

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